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Events in the month of December 2021
Brought to you by CyberShare: The Small Broadband Provider ISAC and Booz Allen Hamilton, Breached! is a free, industry-wide interactive and dynamic exercise where participants role-play in response to a cyberattack. In an environment where cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, it is no longer a question of if, but when your organization will become a victim. During this wargame designed for C-Suite, IT and security professionals at small broadband companies, you will receive intelligence briefings, collaborate with your peers, confront challenges derived from real-world incidents, and address the complex decisions and trade-offs that companies, like yours, would typically face during a major cyber event. You will be exposed to a series of issues related to cyber incident response, crisis management, ransom negotiation, strategic communications, brand reputation, regulatory compliance and enterprise-wide risk management. No prior technical experience is required.

Agenda here: BREACHED

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